Learning Environments

Talking about LE (Learning Environment) in connection with technology, meaning software, it seem to be very difficult to find one application which can be used for all learning tasks. Besides this difficulty, I think it is wrong to try to take one application for all possible tasks. For example a web browser should be used for browsing and only for browsing. Stuffing it up with extensions to get the most out of this one application seems to be wrong. There used to be a guideline, unfortunately I don't really remember it. This guideline said that you should use a program just for its original purpose. According to this it is obviously wrong to try to make a browser to word processor.

I think it would be better to set up a LE with a collection of certain applications. So that one would have an application for web browsing (and maybe researching, int the sense of collecting information), one application for writing, one program for the bibliography and so on. In the best case those programs would be ale to communicate to each other or have some kind of common interface which would some how connect them making the work and learning process quite easy.

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