Review: „Multiple Target Detection and Tracking with Guaranteed Framerates on Mobile Phones“

The described related work tracks motion using optical flow algorithms. It seems that those produce satisfying results but not yet cover the full potential of a AR tracking system. Others use interest-point based algorithms which are commonly known as very computational expensive. SIFT descriptors are probably the most used ones although they might belong the […]

Review: "Parallel Tracking and Mapping on a Camera Phone"

Based on the PTAM Project (here PTAM-d for PTAM running on a desktop computer), which originally runs on a computer, Klein and Murray adapted the code to run on an iPhone 3G (here PTAM-m for PTAM running on mobile device such as smartphone). Of course everything need to become more light-weighted so that it can […]

Review: "Parallel Tracking and Mapping for Small AR Workspaces"

The paper describes the methods and techniques used in the PTAM project. Usually AR systems only work probably when the running system has a certain knowledge of the surrounding area. This knowledge could pre-acquired information of an object or a know marker (a marker could for example a monochrome pattern that is put, like a […]

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