Why your Scrum Team is not performing as it could

Did you ever had the feeling, your team could be better? Have a higher performance? Be able to produce better outcomes?

I'm not talking about successfully finished sprints versus failed sprints or the constant struggle to increase velocity.

I mean your product - that thing your team is building. May it be your company's product or a contract work for another company.

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Becoming Agile: Magic Estimation

This post is part of a series: Becoming Agile.

Usually we have certain constrains on our project which define what we can achieve and most likely also what we have to do first. Having a backlog packed with user stories makes it very difficult to get an overview of the upcoming workload. To be able to actually get an idea for the upcoming sprints we need to estimate the product backlog. Doing that detailed for each user story would take us quite some time. So instead of estimating each single user story (as exact as possible) we could try to estimate a bunch of similar user stories at once. This is Magic Estimation.

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