Becoming Agile: The Sprint

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The Sprint is the core of Scrum. It's a finite block of time used for focused work with the goal to produce a potentially shippable product increment at the end of it. A Sprint starts with the Planning and ends with the Sprint Review and Retrospective. A very commonly choosen length for a Sprint are two weeks but it could be even less or more, though not more than four weeks. Sprints start immediately after each other and always with the same parameters.

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Why your Scrum Team is not performing as it could

Did you ever had the feeling, your team could be better? Have a higher performance? Be able to produce better outcomes?

I'm not talking about successfully finished sprints versus failed sprints or the constant struggle to increase velocity.

I mean your product - that thing your team is building. May it be your company's product or a contract work for another company.

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