Experiment #1 - JavaSIFT

Just tried to do a first experiemnt using the ImageJ plugin JavaSIFT.

I took nine pictures* of my house with my smartphones camera. The goal was to let JavaSIFT reigster some interest points and then to see what I can do with that (JavaSIFT has some "align images" function). Turned out that the plugin is kind of broken: it does find interest points but right after that it stops with an MethodNotFound exception.

First experiment: failed.

I guess I'm not going to dive into the code to find out what the problem is. Eventually I'll play around a little with ImageJ (there are some dependencies, maybe they weren't loaded properly or so).

* thesis/experiment 1/foto set 1

Stephan Saalfeld - ImageJ Plugins - JavaSIFT.

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