Review: „Multiple Target Detection and Tracking with Guaranteed Framerates on Mobile Phones“

The described related work tracks motion using optical flow algorithms. It seems that those produce satisfying results but not yet cover the full potential of a AR tracking system. Others use interest-point based algorithms which are commonly known as very computational expensive. SIFT descriptors are probably the most used ones although they might belong the […]


JavaCV is a wrapper for a couple of libraries, including OpenCV. They also provide a pre-compiled OpenCV for Android. Looks promising. Will take a look at it. Wonder if this slows down the application somehow, because they are some more method calls because of the wrapper stuff I guess. But if it speeds up the […]

Sum of Squared Differences

The Sum of Squared Differences (SSD) is a way of determining the correlation between two image regions. It is usually involved when motion compensation needs to be done. SSD is defined as followed: There are some variations of SSD. Like the Zero-mean Sum of Squared Differences (ZSSD): See also: