SLAM - Simultaneous Localization And Mapping

SLAM comes from the robotics area and describes the techniques to create a map from an unknown environment. With the knowledge gathered by generating a map it is possible to determine a location and also to navigate within a certain environment. SLAM by itself is not necessarily a specific algorithm but rather an approach on […]

Compiling PTAM (Win32)

It took quite some time to get everything working. Here is a quick break-down. Compling works fine. But PTAM isn't doing anything meaningful so far. Everything was done using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. get the PTAM source code unpack and read the containing README.txt get all dependencies named in the README.txt fltk-2.0 gvars3 (see 3. […]


Couple of days ago I read an IEEE journal article about Google's "NaCl" (Native Client), which was published in the beginning of 2010 (and in a first version of that in 2009). Now, meaning two days ago, David Springer talked at Google I/O 2011 about it: After reading the article I thought this is quite […]